Memphis Audio SRXS1044 10 Shallow Subwoofer

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The unmatched combination of performance and value of SR subwoofers has expanded to bring big bass to any space. Street Reference slim subwoofers feature a mounting depth of well under 4” and handle an impressive 500W peak power. Get the perfect bass upgrade quickly in any application with Street Reference shallow mount subwoofers. Whether it is your first system or you just need a little more bass in your trunk, the Street Reference line is the ultimate value subwoofer on the market. SR subs are indistinguishable from their predecessors with improved performance, durability and cosmetics making them an ideal solution for an audio upgrade. Street Reference 10″ Shallow Dual Voice Coil subwoofers are an awesome solution for anyone needing to add bass to a limited space.

Polypropylene cone for improved durability
Rubber surround
Progressive poly cotton spider for controlled motion resulting in lower distortion
Sub cone design for greater efficiency
Works well with both sealed or ported enclosures
Anodized aluminum voice coil former
12 AWG compression terminals
Now featured in SRXS112SP Bass Packages