Memphis Audio MS52 M Series Convertible 5-1/4" Car Speakers

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MSeries speakers are known for their rich beautiful sound. These speakers are more versatile than ever with a new convertible design. This new design allows the tweeter to be center mounted like a traditional coaxial, or removed and replaced with a phase plug allowing the tweeter to be mounted in a component set up. When mounted in a coaxial set up the tweeter retains its ability to swivel for improved imaging which is very unique in convertible speaker designs. The MS52 5.25″ speakers is a versatile convertible design speaker which is a perfect solution for anyone looking for accurate sound reproduction from their speakers.

Multi-mount tweeter
Convertible Design works as both component or coaxial (MS69, MS60, MS62, MS57, MS52)
Convertible design maintains ability for tweeter to swivel
Carbon fiber cone
External passive crossovers
MClip crossover mounting solution
Rubber surround

Size (in) 5.25
RMS/Peak (w) 50/100
Sensitivity (dB) 88
Mounting Depth (in) 2.2
Magnet Size (oz) 10
Warranty (yrs) 2 Y