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The ACX-3.2 all-weather sound processor is a high-output pre-amp, for all systems on-road, off-road, or off-shore. The ACX-3.2 can serve as the main control unit in your audio system allowing you to control the output to all of your amplifiers. It features a 4-band graphic equalizer that can be used to tweak your system, depending upon your mood or music selection. The built-in crossover gives you the ability to separate high and low frequencies, and send them to the appropriate amplifier and speakers, maximizing the performance of your system. Adding an ACX-3.2 to your system gives you the assurance that your system can play longer, louder, and cleaner with less distortion.

The low-profile ACX-3.2 takes your experience to another level by combining all of its audio features with a PA microphone!
If you are out on your boat ACX-3.2 allows you to play music and communicate with the person wakeboarding or tubing behind you. Own a food truck? This is great for playing music inside for the cooks, outside for the patrons, and allowing you the ability to call out an order number for a waiting customer.

The ACX-3.2 is a game changer, by offering a quality real-world solution for all of those unique installation needs. This multi-functional piece is part of our all-weather line-up making it the perfect solution for any adventure.