8 GA Power Ultimate Wiring Kit

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Stinger X Ultimate Wiring Kits are designed to provide the highest power transfer and system flexibility for no compromise installations. Engineered to unleash the maximum performance from your system. First, is the power distribution block to rule them all: XLINK. With its ability to transform from an inline fuse holder to an expandable power, ground, or power and ground distribution block, while able to accept 0, 4, or 8GA input/outputs and either ANL or MIDI/AFS fuse. The XLINK block is accompanied by Hyper-Twist Tru-Spec Wire, Expert Ground Terminals, Power Terminals, Wire Ferrules Remote Turn-on, and an accessories pack to complete the installation. Power delivery, and just as important but often overlooked, ground integrity, are the main goals of this kit. So, to make sure the ground potential is as equally robust as the power delivery, we have included a ground reinforcement cable to be used from the battery to the chassis, and on the amplifier side the Expert Ground Terminal for a large footprint, low resistance, non-rotating grounding terminal. All these elements add up to the ULTIMATE wiring kit and system performance from Stinger X.

  • 18ft/5.5m Matte Red Hyper-Twist 8GA Power Wire
  • (2) 3ft/0.9m Matte Clear Hyper-Twist 8GA Ground Wire
  • 17ft./5.2m Matte Clear 18GA Remote Turn-On Wire
  • (1) XFDB108 XLINK Fuse Holder
  • (1) 70 Amp Shoc-Krome Mini-ANL (MIDI) Fuse
  • (3) 8GA Crimp Ring Terminals Pre-Installed (2 Ground, 1 Power)
  • (3) 8GA Ferrules with Stinger Heat Shrink Tubing
  • (2) 8GA Crimp Ring Terminals
  • (1) 8GA Expert Ground Terminal
  • (2) Red and Grey 4GA Boots (1 each)
  • (1) 16GA Blue Butt Connector
  • (1) 18GA Ferrule
  • (1) 18GA Fork Terminal
  • (6) Self-Drilling Mounting Screws
  • (10) 7”/17.8cm Wire Ties
  • (1) 8GA Firewall Grommet
  • (1) XLINK X-Pansion Jumper