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Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows in Arlington, Texas

Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows in Arlington, Texas

John Schellsmidt |

Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows in Arlington, Texas

If you live in Arlington, Texas, you know how hot and sunny it can get in the summer. The average high temperature in July is 96°F, and the sun shines for about 10 hours a day. That means your car can get very hot and uncomfortable, especially if you park it outside or drive for long periods of time. Not to mention the damage that the sun can cause to your car’s interior and exterior, such as fading, cracking, and peeling.

That’s why you should consider tinting your car windows in Arlington, Texas. Window tinting is a process of applying a thin film of material to your car windows that blocks some of the sun’s rays and reduces the heat and glare inside your car. Window tinting can offer many benefits for you and your car, such as:

  • Enhancing your comfort: Window tinting can keep your car cooler by up to 60%, according to the International Window Film Association. This can make your driving experience more pleasant and reduce your need for air conditioning, which can save you gas and money. Window tinting can also reduce the glare from the sun and other vehicles, which can improve your visibility and safety on the road.
  • Protecting your health: Window tinting can block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. UV rays are the main cause of skin cancer, premature aging, and eye damage. By tinting your car windows, you can protect yourself and your passengers from these risks, especially if you spend a lot of time in your car.
  • Preserving your car: Window tinting can also protect your car’s interior and exterior from sun damage. UV rays can cause your upholstery, dashboard, and leather to fade, crack, and peel over time. Window tinting can prevent this by filtering out most of the UV rays and keeping your car cooler. Window tinting can also protect your car’s paint from fading and oxidation by creating a barrier against the sun’s heat and light.
  • Enhancing your privacy: Window tinting can also increase your privacy and security in your car. By making it harder for outsiders to see inside your car, window tinting can deter thieves and vandals from targeting your car or breaking into it. Window tinting can also make your car look more stylish and sleek, adding to its value and appeal.

How to Choose the Best Window Tinting Service in Arlington, Texas

If you are convinced that window tinting is a good idea for your car, you may be wondering how to choose the best window tinting service in Arlington, Texas. There are many factors to consider when looking for a window tinting service, such as:

  • The quality of the window film: There are different types of window film available on the market, such as dyed, metallic, ceramic, or carbon. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance, durability, appearance, and cost. You should look for a window film that meets your needs and preferences, as well as complies with the state laws regarding window tinting. In Texas, the legal limit for window tinting is 25% light transmission for the front side windows, 25% light transmission for the back side windows, and any darkness for the rear window.
  • The reputation of the window tinting company: You should also look for a window tinting company that has a good reputation in the industry and among customers. You can check online reviews, ratings, testimonials, and referrals to find out what other people think about their service quality, professionalism, customer service, pricing, and warranty. You should also look for a window tinting company that is licensed, insured, certified, and experienced in window tinting.
  • The location of the window tinting shop: You should also consider the location of the window tinting shop when choosing a window tinting service. You should look for a shop that is convenient for you to access and has a comfortable waiting area. You should also ask how long it will take to complete the window tinting process and whether they offer any additional services or discounts.