ARC AUDIO X2 850.5

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One amplifier running an entire system without compromise to sound quality of overall performance? Yes, it's true! Robert Zeff has done it again with a single package solution designed to run your speakers and subwoofers from a single, compact amplifier.

The X2 850.5 is a compact and elegant design that is small enough to fit just about anywhere in a vehicle allowing you that personalized musical experience without the loss of valuable storage space.

Capable of delivering 85 watts to each of the four main channels, the X2 850.5 provides enough power and dynamics to satisfy most any audio enthusiasts without straining or reaching the limits of the amplifier design. Old school "Grunt" but with next century technology and miniaturization, this isn't your every day Class-D amplifier.

Not a fan of the silver top cover finish and want the black hair line finish found on the X2 Amplifier Series? No problem. All Level 1 X2 amps can be upgraded with the Level 2 XDi cosmetic shroud kit. Simply purchase the XDi Trim Kit that suits your needs and drop it right on the X2 amplifier (Note that the XDi trim kits only come with the illuminated XDi badge. The X2 illuminated badge is not available at this time).